Our community was witness to the passing of Br Luqman Dawoodi on December 19, 2014. Our brother has left behind five sons and four step-children following a long and arduous battle with cancer. May Allah have mercy on his soul and make him from amongst the servants that He loves.

Muslim Family Services of Ohio is accepting donations for Br Luqman's family through the month of January. The care and well-being of this family is our responsibility as a community; please take advantage of this opportunity to support the orphans in this time of need.

As a reminder to us all, according to tradition, the Prophet Muhammed, pbuh, and the one who maintains an orphan, will not be separated, nor will there be a barrier between them in Paradise. May our generosity and duas for this family be a source of comfort, and may Allah's blessings preserve and protect all of us.

To contribute, click on the "Donate" tab

Or  mail a check to: Muslim Family Services of Ohio

                  P.O. Box 14023

                  Columbus, Oh 43214

Please make a note on the online form or in the memo line of your check designating "Luqman Dawoodi Family Fund" as your intended recipient.




Muslim Family Services of Ohio strives to provide professionally trained staff and volunteers to build stronger families, insha'Allah (God willing), according to Islamic principles. Our goal is to focus our services on the following core groups: families in crisis; men and women who are widowed, displaced, homeless; and the disenfranchised and abused of our community.

Our direct services include:
Short-term financial assistance towards 
   basic needs (food, rent, utilities etc.)
Conflict resolution and mediation
Janazah (bereavement) services
Emergency financial assistance

Training and technical assistance


As well as support and referral:
Family counseling resources
Re-connecting Muslims to 
   their community
Helping Muslims to help themselves
Being a catalyst to social change
Assisting and empowering women



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Muslim Family Services of Ohio is a not-for-profit corporation and is in no way affiliated with any other not-for-profit corporation operating in or outside of the state of Ohio, including, but not limited to, Muslim Family Services/ICNA Relief USA Programs.